I am a Christian, mom, and proud lifetime member of the Girl Scouts of America. As a former federal executive with 30 years
of government experience, I have spent my career creating jobs, fighting for workers' rights; equality for women, and improving government efficiency.
My commitment to a strong military and unwavering support for veterans comes from ten years of experience working for the Department of Defense. I spent an additional ten years with the Department of Interior in the Bureau of Land Management, contributing to the preservation and restoration of our country's natural resources.
 I pray that I make a positive difference in someone's life.  I often wonder what more I could do.  I see parents agonize over feeding their children, clothing their little ones and working themselves into exhaustion to keep a roof over their heads.  
I don't agree with the current debates over big businesses versus American families or why political leaders put us against each other.  I am an advocate for American families and a cheerleader for people who managed to create wealth for themselves. I believe the future of America is up to everyday people who are willing to make a difference.
I like to change the dialog from "Them Against Us" to "We Can Come Together as Americans" to create an extraordinary future for all. I believe it will take "Everyday People" like you and me to make it happen.  

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